14 July 2007

  • Saturday 14th July 2007
  • J Rocc produced and mixed a CD to celebrate the opening of the Supreme store in Harajuku Japan in December of last year. This is that mix.
  • It's one of the tighest sets of breaks, and more specifically, the cuttin' and general manipulation of them, i've ever come across.
  • Peep his DRYSPACE for a few sweet clips.

  • Saturday 14th July 2007

13 July 2007

  • Steinski 'Rough Mix Show' on mp3 from 12th July, the subject is Bootlegs.

  • Thursday 12th July 2007.
  • Robot Chicken, from Adult Swim, the best stop-frame animation from a bunch of personable geeky frat-boys made good, in a hot minute.
  • This is the Star Wars special [featuring George himself], theres tons more clips about, still.
Your ma's so dumb she threw a brick at the floor and missed.

  • Thursday 12th July 2007.

  • Thursday 12th July 2007.
  • Once again, Entourage [Season 4] is back on US tv.
  • Once again, i'm addicted to it like the Chicken Gravy at Negril on Brixton Hill.
Jeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves are incredible, as is my personal favourite, dirt-bird Debbie Mazar. I need a weekend with this woman.

  • Thursday 12th July 2007.
  • Ghostride the truck clean into a lamp-post like a bench-warmin' monkey-mouth suburban pissy pecker drunk drivin jack-hole more like !!
  • Good grief.
  • [Salut to all the protestant readers].

4 July 2007

  • Wednesday 4th July 2007.
Madlib The Beat Konducta Movie Scenes Vol.3 Live In India.
  • It's part soundtrack of the mind, part cheeky Bollywood sample driven snippets of the usual Madlib madness.
  • Strings of doom, dialogue driven, crunchy beats and it's tastier than a luke-warm lamb byriani on a wet Wednesday.
  • Oh look, it's Wednesday, and it's fucking raining.

26 March 2007

March 26th 2007. Chris Rock on Howard Stern's Show 14th March 2007 .
This is just Howard and Chris [and the afternoon crew of studio mongrels], shootin' the gift.
It happens to come just days before the release of Chris Rock's feature length Directorial debut.

24 March 2007

More here.

This is old but still rulin...

Streetsounds Electro 1 - 19 from the good people here.
Heres Electro 21 with New York vs LA Beats for the Peter Storm wearin' amongst you.
Electro 21 is partially guff...but has shine.

NY vs LA Beats is one of the finest mixes of all time.

18 March 2007

March 18th 2007.
DJ Shadow Miami Bass Mix 9 August 1998 from Steve Lamacq Live, Radio One, London.
There's a bit of Jim Lavelle at the end of it, he's a glipe, ignore him.

If you read, the Jerry Heller book is inspired.